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Print Wallpapers, Flex, Vinyl, Fabric, Canvas, Rexine and much more.


Removable Wallpaper : Use our removable wallpaper materials where you don’t want to make a permanent installation. It sticks great to drywall, metal, and glass. It comes with an adhesive back and a release paper, so if you are a little bit handy you can install it yourself.

Vinyl : Use wallboard vinyl for temporary wallpaper and promotional signage. When you need a removable material that can be wiped for cleaning, our wallboard vinyl will do the trick. This is an adhesive backed vinyl with the same “sticky note” adhesive as our Wall Fabric.

Wall Fabric: This a polyester fabric with “sticky note” adhesive on the back. It’s good for at least a few years, comes off easily, and smaller pieces can be moved and re-applied. It’s also great for window displays and is transparent enough to be backlit. The material is not waterproof.


How printing of custom wallpaper works ?

We need a good quality high resolution digital photo or digital art. If you are searching for the right photo, there are several stock photo sites online, we like Dreamstime and Panoramic Images. When buying a digital photo, buy the highest resolution available. The good news is that most digital photos will work for custom wall murals, and we’ve gotten some great looking wallpaper from fairly ordinary 6 or 8 megapixel photos. We can also drop type and logos into your photo.Send us your photo, and the size of your wall, and we’ll let you know if there are any problems making the photo that as large as your wall. We can give you guidance about how large the picture you are about to buy can be printed.Most online photo sites are keyword searchable, so you don’t need to dig through thousands of photos. We like Dreamstime, their photos are of excellent quality, keyword searchable, and affordable. Give us the photo number, we’ll download it and add the charge to your bill, usually about $20-25. Panoramic Images specializes in very high resolution photos and have excellent shots of most cities.The entire process take about two weeks. If you are in a hurry, we’ll find a way to meet your needs. We’ll get it done quickly and affordably!


Service we provide for UV prints.

Superior Quality
With UV Printing you can rest assured that your print product will turn out right the first time. We offer superior quality printing all backed by our 100% quality guarantee. Don’t compromise on quality and see the UV Printing difference!

 Best Prices
UV printing is proud to offer our superior quality printing at the best possible price. We continually strive to provide our customers with the best instant pricing available through our easy to use website.

Fast Turnaround
UV Printing offers some of the fastest printing turnaround times found online. With its 1 day turnaround option you can have your product printed and shipped within 24 hours*. Local pickup is also available in the Mumbai area.

Customer Service
Have a question or need help placing an order? We’re here to help! Our printing specialists are available from day Monday-Friday and from 8am-10pm IST on weekends!

Eco Friendliness
Protecting the environment, our customers and our employees is one of our highest concerns. To do this we use vegetable based inks with low VOC emissions and offer paper options that contain up to 55% postconsumer recycled content.

File Inspection
Get your files proofed and checked for errors without paying a Rupee. We’re so confident in the quality of our printing that we provide 100% free proofing. No order commitment or credit card is required!


UVprinting technology has a special feature of embosing. You can feel the prints.

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In the above picture there is no real light coming out of window, neither there is any wood in the other
picture. But UV printing technology gives us a realistic feeling.